As a UX designer with over 25 years of experience, I am passionate about creating useful and engaging experiences. I center the user's needs and leverage emerging technologies to solve real-world problems. Collaboration is key to my process, and I prioritize open communication and empathy to build strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. My extensive background in tech since 1995 has given me a keen understanding of what works and what doesn't, allowing me to create effective and user-centered designs.
I specialize in user-centered design and enjoy exploring new possibilities through emerging technologies. I am especially drawn to photography and new media. I have a breadth of experience and knowledge across all design practices and UX frameworks. Most of all, I am devoted to creating inclusive experiences that people enjoy via a user-centered design process.
My skills include strong innovation and creative thinking, collaboration, presentation, planning, verbal and written communication, wireframing, functional specifications, technical expertise in UX design, product development, and website design and development, project management, and industry understanding in photo product, health insurance, network security, ad analytics, and banking customer service. I have a proven track record managing UX projects from conception through implementation and driving projects internationally.
In my free time, I am a dog sports photographer and participate in competitive obedience and rally with my cocker spaniel Elvis. In 2017, I took time off work to travel in a camper van and take photos of dog sporting and conformation events across the country.
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