Why did we want  to redesign for a universal app?
Shutterfly had data that said a significant number of users were visiting shutterfly on their iPads and we wanted to give them an experience tailored to that device, not just a “blown-up” version of the iPhone. Our challenge was to evolve with customers and to be everywhere they were.  This brought us to the idea of redesigning the IOS offering into a  universal app; a single app that is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. From user’s perspective, this provides the best user experience without downloading two different versions of apps. It also helps optimize development time.
My Role
On this project, I partnered with 1 product owner and led 3 other designers to uncover other insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviors and motivations. I created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. This helped to evangelize ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.
- Defined the product with my product owner.
- Evangelized customer goals and balanced business goals.
- Prioritized and negotiated features for launch and beyond.
- Presented works to gain buy‐in from executives, senior stakeholders and many other Shutterfly teams throughout the project lifecycle.
My Process for this project
1. We started with a week of ideation sessions with the entire team and whiteboarded all of the ideas. 
2. Then we formalized the ideas that we wanted go forward and design by wireframing.   
3. Next was prototyping interactions for the user testing.  My team and I did some guerilla  and formal usability lab user testing to validate our designs.
4. Lastly,  the visual designer composed pixel perfect comp that were shared with the executive team for our presentation to get buy-in and evangelize the project.
5. After we had buy-in from the executive team,  I worked with the agile team daily to deliver what they needed for each sprint. 
6. Once the project was launched,   key metrics such as increased conversion and revenue validated our success.
Whiteboards from our ideations on photo viewing and uploading photos in the universal app.
Onboarding Flow
High-Level Wireframes for upload portion of the project
Photo selection interaction and Final mockup
Throwback feature mockups
Home Screen for universal app on iPad and iPhone
Product information page on iPhone and iPad.
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